Friday, 27 September 2013

Bold & Classic...

Classic, clean & chic, 
is a room decorated with

From floors
walls to furniture and accents,
 you can have as much
 or as little black & white as you want. 


white decor easily coordinates itself color-wise, 
but is both bold & classic! 

When decorating with a black & white theme,
 keep the following tips in mind:

1. A black and white themed room always has more impact when you add in a third accent color. You can do this with pillows, artwork or a throw rug.
2 If you want to decorate your space with black and white, consider painting it on your walls. A black accent wall is stunning. 
3 When it comes to accessories, buy pieces that are all white and/or all black, rather than covered with a black-and-white pattern. (The exception: allow yourself two black-and-white patterned cushions.) That way you can choose to mix them, or switch them out for all white items sometimes and all black items other times -- which gives you three different looks. Also, when you tire of the black and white theme, the white items will still be blend with any new color scheme.

photos courtesy of pinterest

Try taking a risk with
white color scheme!

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