Monday, 21 July 2014


We all have one 
how do we 
decorate it? 

A hallway
 can be a space that needs
 some creativity
 when it comes to
 decorating it.

Hallways vary in width
depth thus sometimes
 creating a bit of a dilemma.

This stunning hallway
 pictured above 
has it all. 

Dark wood floors, 
white walls, chandelier lighting, 
wicker baskets, open shelving
the list goes 
on and on.

Many of us don't have 
a hallway 
like the one above 
but we can all have 
a space 
with endless possibilities. 

The key to decorating 
a smaller hallway 
is to use furniture pieces 
that are to scale. 

A smaller console table 
works perfectly 
at the end of the hall
 to display 
great accessories. 

Placing a piece of artwork
 on the end wall 
is a great accent.

photos courtesy of pinterest

Hanging a mirror
helps to bring brightness
 to the hallway
 as well as give the illusion 
of more space.

Another great idea 
is to add a 
chair rail. 

This add character 
makes it possible 
to paint the top
bottom two different colors 
for added interest.

Stop by the store
 for great mirrors 
 other home decor accessories
 for every room 
in your home.

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