Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Punch of Color...

All it takes
 is a touch of color to stand out...

Yellow is a warm, optimistic 
energetic color
 that enhances concentration.

It is a strong color 
that often can become
 overpowering in a space 
so using it to give your room 
a punch of color 
is perfect.

One of the easiest ways 
to turn something into 
a focal point 
in your room is to paint 
it an accent color. 

The fireplace shown above
 painted this vibrant yellow
 makes your eye 
go directly to the back wall. 

The frames, furniture 
accessories that surround
 the fireplace are nice and neutral, 
complimenting the yellow.

Love the yellow touches
 in the bathroom 
shown below. 

Having a stunning 
dark grey tile throughout the bathroom
 acting as a neutral color
 makes it easy to introduce 
many different vibrant accent colors.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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