Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Holiday Mantels...

Add holiday canvases,
 banners, garland 
other great accessories 
to your fireplace mantels.

We absolutely love
 the fireplace
 shown above. 

What's not to love, 
the silver twigs 
combined with gold wreath
 decorative balls
horse canvas 
are stunning.

Sometimes it's the 
simplest things 
that add 
so much interest 
to your space.

 Gathering a bunch
 of branches 
twigs and placing them
 at the base of the fireplace 
is both simple 

Don't be afraid 
to add color
great vintage accessories.

And if you don't
 have a fireplace mantel,
 create your own.

 All it takes
 is some chalkboard paint
a little imagination.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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