Friday, 6 March 2015

Feature Friday...

Drapery Rods...

General rule of thumb when it comes to drapery rods: 
your drapery rod 
should only be 10-15 inches longer
 on each side of your window.

for the 10-15 inches
 you also make your windows 
appear larger.

If you choose 
to go shorter with your 
drapery rod 
your fabric will end up
 covering part of your window. 

This will reduce
 the amount of 
natural light
 entering your room.

When deciding on a
 color for your rods
 take a look at the furniture
 accessories in the room.

at your light fixtures 
color tones.

In the picture shown below
 you can see how the 
gold drapery rods 
tie in the room accessories, 
the gold globe on the shelf
the gold tone on the 
coffee table legs.

When trying to 
choose between wood
 metal rods keep in mind 
that wood will bow
 if you don't remember to
rotate them.

slim metal rods 
will always look timeless

flashy ones 
will be more 

photos courtesy of pinterest

Adjoining rooms 
should have the same rods 
especially if you can see
 all of the windows
 at the same time.

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