Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Punch of Color...

 can add that much needed 
punch of color 
pattern to your room.

There are three types of wallpaper:

1. Self-Adhesive - (easy installation), a basic peel & stick paper that adheres to any clean, dry surface. Self-adhesives are easy to remove & reposition if mistakes are made during application.

2. Pre-pasted - (intermediate installation), the backs of papers have an adhesive coating which requires water or an activator to activate & stick.

3. Non-pasted - (professional installation), no adhesive or paste is on the back of the paper. The manufacturer will recommend a type of adhesive for hanging.

Wallpaper Tip:

A standard 
double roll of wallpaper
 is 20.5" wide 
33 feet long 
covering approximately  56 square feet.
 It's always good to allow yourself an extra roll just in case.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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