Monday, 13 April 2015

Styling a Mantel...

Fireplace mantels 
can be tricky
 to style. 

The picture shown 
above helps to give us
 a basic
 starting point 
for styling a mantel.

When overlapping artwork 
remember to make sure
 your pieces 
vary in both height
and width.

For a more
 classic feel keep your accessories

 Center a mirror
above the fireplace with
 similar shaped accessories
 on either side.

Add wall sconces 
for additional

Apply an accent color 
to the area above the fireplace 
or on the 
fireplace itself for a 
quick update.

If you have high ceilings,
 emphasize them by hanging a tall frame,
 mirror or a 
piece of artwork.

You can keep the
 mantel as simple and clean
 as you'd like. 

Start with a mirror 
or an accessory that you love
build from there.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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