Friday, 30 August 2013

Furniture Makeovers...

Sometimes we need a makeover
 so why not your furniture.

So many of us have 
that special little room or garage
 filled with great antique pieces 
that are just taking up space.
 Why not dust them off 
give them a new updated look.

A fresh coat of paint
 can go a long way.
 Step out of your comfort zone
paint each drawer a different color.

You can keep it 
more tone on tone
 if your not wanting such a 
dramatic effect.

But if your wanting 
to take a walk on the wilder side
 paint the inside of your shelves
 a bright color
make a statement.

Take your favorite chair 
that may have been passed down
 to you that has great lines
recover the cushions.
 Like in the picture below,
 it turns it into an entirely new chair.

photos courtesy of pinterest

See in store 
for great furniture pieces.
 Like the one below: 
check out the inside of the drawers,
 they've been recovered with newspaper!

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