Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vinyl Trend...

Centura Duracontract Milo

In some instances,
 homeowners need an alternative 
to hardwood.
 Whether it be for economic
 durability reasons,
 vinyl flooring is
 a great option for everyone.

Vinyl flooring is an
 affordable flooring option
 with a wide range
 of colors, 

As you can see 
in the above picture,
 you can install it 
in various ways 
to add style to your space.
 The above pattern 
is what we refer to as

Love the richness 
in this 
vinyl floor.

The lighter floor 
in the above picture
 blends nicely
 with the 
darker espresso cabinet.

photos courtesy of pinterest

Primco Mannington Adura Heritage

You'd  be surprised 
how many friends would pop in
 think your vinyl floor is
 real hardwood.

It's your best kept secret! 

Pop in today
take a look at our vinyl floor.
 It is a great project
 you can install yourself.
 We can walk you through 
the process
 as you go.

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