Friday, 10 January 2014

Feature Friday...

It's a new year 
with that comes new trends
 in interior design.

Here are a few trends
 to motivate you 
to spruce up your space.

First off, 
the color turquoise 
will be quite popular in 2014.
 You will see it on 
upholstered furniture 
on wall coverings.

not only will you be seeing 
the color turquoise on furniture
 it might also be in corduroy. 

As seen with the stools 
in the picture 
clear acrylic furniture
 will also be trending. 
You will see it in
 traditional designs 
as well.

 It will give
 a little modern twist 
to a traditional space.

In my mind,
 this next one 
has never really disappeared.
 The dark accent wall 
seems to have been 
around for years. 

For 2014, 
we should be seeing
 more dramatic 
dark colors on accent walls, 
such as navy blue 

we'll be seeing 
stand alone tubs 
in bathrooms.

photos courtesy of pinterest

This is a trend 
that hopefully sticks around
 for awhile. 
Stand alone tubs are stunning.

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