Monday, 13 January 2014

Kitchen Trends...

More more 
we're seeing kitchens 
as being the 'hub' of the home.

 Knowing this
 it's always a good idea
 to check out what's new 
exciting in kitchen trends.

Black countertops 
will be very popular
 in 2014.

Granite is still 
one of the number one choices
 for kitchen countertops. 

If granite 
isn't what you're looking for
 take a look at
 quartz, corian 
porcelain tile, 
this material is stunning as well.

Open shelving 
will be seen a lot 
this year 
as well as open concept kitchens.

Large, industrial lighting
 is also a trend for the new year.

Pieces of country style 
will be seen
 mixed in with modern designs.

The barn doors
walls covered in reclaimed wood
 gives the space 
a balance of both design styles.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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