Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stylish Bookcases...

Steps to creating a stylish bookcase:

Step One: Clean 
- take everything off of the shelves

Step Two: Organize
- organize books by colour

Step Three: Arrange
- arrange books into groups based on their colour & pattern
- using the hard cover books will be more helpful as they will stand up vertically without slumping
- if you don't have enough books in the same colour, a good trick is to turn the books around to show it's pages. This adds interest & creates a neutral palette amongst all of the colour.

Step Four: Art
- add in frames & artwork onto shelves. 
- another way to add interest is by painting or wallpapering the back of the shelves.

Step Five: Groups
- we all own small decor pieces that may not look good on their own
- place these items on the shelves amongst the books to fill in those small spaces that have been left bare

Follow all of the steps above 
voila you have a stylish bookcase.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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