Thursday, 6 March 2014

Room Candy...

What are your eyes drawn too
 when you first enter a room?
 Is it the stunning back wall of windows, 
the dark floor, 
or the dramatic chandelier.
 These things can be referred to as "room candy".

Every room starts off 
with a strong foundation or base. 
From there you add
 a floor covering & paint. 

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture
 that you've had for years 
or a vintage couch in a strong color?
 These are things 
you have to ask yourself, 
do I have one thing 
or a number of things 
that you want to 
incorporate into the space? 

Once you have a starting point, 
things begin to fall together quite smoothly. 
Keep in mind, if you do have trouble 
we are always here to help. 

Here at the Nest, 
we love helping clients 
put a whole look together.

Here are some looks to check out:

With floor to ceiling windows, 
this room doesn't need 
a lot of 
extra accent pieces.

The floor speaks for itself.
 What a beautiful space.

The combination of the mirror
chandelier make this bathroom
 look very spacious.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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