Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cabinet Update...

Some of us 
don't have our first cup of coffee
 in a stunning
 kitchen like above. 

You can easily
 update your own kitchen,
 starting with
 the cabinets.

Here are some ideas that anyone can do:

Remove cabinet doors 
add storage baskets.

Change out some 
cabinet doors 
with glass or metal inserts.

photos courtesy of pinterest

Painting cupboards
 is always an obvious choice 
for sprucing up dated cabinets. 

Check out 
the tiled insert on the
 cabinet door above. 
With such a 
vast selection of glass 
metal tiles 
your options are endless
 for doing this in your own kitchen.

Lastly, we can't forget
 about changing 
your cupboard hardware. 

Here at the Nest,
 we can help you 
select the perfect drawer pulls.

Check in store 
for our entire selection.

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