Friday, 25 April 2014

Feature Friday...

How to decorate with Glass Domes:

A big trend 
we've been 
seeing for awhile now
 is decorating 
with glass domes. 

It's such a
 simple idea 
that can make a 
large impact. 

A sentimental flower, 
wool & yarn,
 books, lights, mementos
are just the beginning
 of a long list 
of keepsakes
 that can be placed 
under the dome.

We love to 
place our fun 
little birds 
under the domes 
here in the store.

Glass domes shown above are available in store.

If you like to entertain
wine, a great way 
to save memories
 is to keep the wine corks.
 Write the date
event on the side
 of the cork
 and under the dome they go. 
 It's always fun 
to look back on 
all of those 
fun evenings!

Love the stacks of paper!

photos courtesy of pinterest

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