Monday, 28 April 2014

Sliding Barn Doors...

Make a statement 
with a fabulous 
reclaimed barn door.

What should you 
remember before 
choosing an interior 
sliding barn door?

1. Ample wall space: a flat wall space equal to the width of the door is required so it can slide open.

2. Sealing properly: when wanting to use a sliding door in a bathroom or powder room you need to consider it will not completely seal shut. Thus sound might be an issue for surrounding areas in the home.

3. Pocket door alternative: it's a great option to replace a pocket door, just remember a sliding door stays as part of your room design & doesn't disappear when it's open.

4. Open & closed spaces: this type of door works well to open up & close off larger spaces in the home.

5. Hidden spaces: hide away an office space or any other space you wouldn't want guests to see.

Take a good look 
at your home, 
is there a perfect space 
for a sliding barn? 
If you do 
have fun 
with all the possibilities!

photos courtesy of pinterest

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