Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Move the Party Outside...

The above outdoor space
 is one of our

Love the string of lights
 through the trees, 
the over sized patio cushions
pillows on the ground
 and the 
rustic lighting.

Here a few quick questions 
to ask yourself
 when designing your own 
outdoor space:

1. Will my space be used for entertaining, relaxing or dining?

2. Keep in mind the weather in your area & if your space is normally sunny, shady or windy?

3. Will you need an umbrella or larger forms of shelter?

Once you've answered 
the basic questions
 you have a good starting point.

 Now you can concentrate on making the area private.
 You can easily create a structure by adding walls. Anchoring a trellis in a large planter & hanging pots throughout with colorful flowers can give you a nice privacy wall. Attaching sheer fabric to porch overhangs is another great way to create privacy. Using reclaimed doors & windows propped up behind benches or against railings and fences is also a great cost effective way to make a space private.

Adding patio furniture is the next step. Purchasing new furniture can be expensive & if it's not in the budget you can get creative and shop flea markets and local garage sales. Re-purposing older furniture using a trendy paint color is a great way to add your own personal touches to the space. Slip covers for older pieces also gives them a fresh new look.

Adding lighting can be as easy as re-using your Christmas lights. String them through trellis's & trees. Add solar lights and candles. We offer a great outdoor candle here in the store, Rainlite. They are battery operated & can be set with a timer and turned on with a remote.

It's time to accessorize! 
Add pillows, rugs 
colorful accessories 
to make the space your own.

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