Friday, 1 August 2014

Feature Friday...

Open Concept Spaces
 can be a struggle to decorate
 but keep the following tips in mind
 to make the process easier.

A safe option for paint is to use a monochromatic theme throughout the space. Choose a color that you love & use it in different tones. It's important to still add patterned pieces & accent colors. For example grey is a popular color for 2014 so try adding pops of purple or shades of blue like turquoise & navy blue. Paint all of the doors, ceilings, window trim & moulding the same color as well. 

Along with the monochromatic paint theme, keeping your floor covering the same throughout the home is also a great design tip. When you use a number of different floor surfaces in an open space it tends to make the space seem choppy & small. With all of the great options for flooring we've seen vinyl planking used throughout many main floors & not only is it a low maintenance & durable floor, its stunning. We carry a very economical vinyl line with many colors & size formats to choose from.

Use area rugs to help define separate sections in the home. For example place an area rug in the designated living room space. This will also help you to decide on furniture placement. Keep the furniture away from walls & create areas of seating where you can entertain. The use of bookcases & larger furniture pieces can help break up kitchens & living rooms. 

photos courtesy of pinterest

Open concept homes are very functional & a style many families want. Keep some of these tips in mind when decorating your homes & remember we offer free in store consultations. We can help with putting your entire design together.

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