Friday, 26 September 2014

Change In Seasons...

Most of us will
 decorate for the change
 in season.

 When we think of
we think of deep reds,

The days start 
to get a little cooler
the leaves start to turn.

A nice way to bring 
colors into your home 
is to cut twigs/branches
pick colorful leaves
 and arrange them
 in a wire basket or large clear vase. 
Place it on your dining room table as a centerpiece. 

Change your 
front door wreath.

Pack your 
summer accessories away
 & replace them with festive pillows, throw blankets 
 area rugs.

Add new accessories
 to your bookcases 

 Re-cover books 
with fall inspired paper. 
As it gets closer to 
 add pumpkins on your mantle.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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