Monday, 29 September 2014

My Renovation Journey...

At the beginning of the year
 we decided to renovate 
our 1060 square foot bungalow.

After we hired our contractor 
signed all the papers
 we started the process
 at the end of April.

Here are a few quick 
before pictures
 just to give you an idea 
of the house before.

And the journey began...

Now to get to this stage
 took weeks
 but we were pretty excited
 to see the room framed.

I have to say 
living through a renovation 
is not an easy thing
 but now that we're getting closer 
to the finish line
 it's been worth it.

The 16'x20' addition
 both on the main floor 
in the basement started 
to take shape.

Of course the most exciting part 
was choosing kitchen cabinets, 
flooring, paint

Working in the store 
you help people with a lot
 of different combinations 
so you get an idea of what you'd like
 for your own house.

So we decided 
on a light grey cabinet 
with black for the island cabinets.
 Vinyl plank flooring and quartz countertops.

After about another 
month and a half 
the cabinets were ready to be installed, 
an exciting day!

Now here we are 
a few weeks later with just about a 
finished main floor.

 The countertops, appliances
flooring are now installed 
and we have a 
functioning kitchen.

We'd be more than happy
 to help you 
with your own journey!

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