Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Have a seat...


When choosing the perfect stool, 
you need to consider height, comfort

First, measure the height of your table or counter. 

- Chair stools pair nicely with a table thats 28"-30" in height.

- Counter stools pair with counters or tables that are 36"-39" high

- Bar stools are normally 28"-30" tall from floor to seat. They nicely fit at a table or counter thats 40"-42" high.

Keep in mind
 there are various styles available. 

A stool that swivels 
is nice when entertaining. 
Many stools also have an 
adjustable height option 
to make your friends 
family comfortable.

More helpful tips include, 
if your stools are going to be placed
 in a busy corridor 
choose backless stools that can be easily
 put away under your island counter.

If you have younger children 
choosing a low maintenance material
 is a smart choice.

 would work well.

With trends today 
a nice mix of rustic 
modern makes for 
a good style choice.

We have a great selection of stools available in store.

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