Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mix & Match...

When we think of dining rooms,
 oftentimes we think
 it should be a formal space. 

With formal comes uniformity.
 If your looking to create 
a more cozy 
comfortable dining space
 consider mismatching your chairs.

Here are some helpful tips for creating a mismatched dining space:

1. First pick your table-this will make it easier to pick chairs that are the correct height.

2. Check your chair options-look at the chairs you already have. If you like the shape of the chairs simply add a fresh coat of paint & reupholster them.

3. Uniform height-your chairs should have a uniform height. You want to be comfortable while sitting around the table.

4. Mix modern & vintage styles

5. Mix finishes-consider using a bench combined with metal stools & upholstered chairs.

6. Always be creative...

* Helpful Hints *

* Use the same chairs in different colors.

* Use different chairs in the same color.

* Use the same chair with different upholstery.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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