Monday, 19 January 2015

Area rugs...

Do you have a hard surface floor?

 A wood or tiled floor
 will warm up 
have more of a finished design scheme
 if you add an area rug.

Area rugs 
help in defining your space 
enhance your decor.

Here are some do's 
don'ts to keep in mind 
when adding an area rug 
to your space.

- Do choose an area rug that is an appropriate size for your space. A good rule to follow is to have the front legs of your furniture seating to be on the rug. This allows your space to feel larger. In a bedroom it is a good idea to place your rug about 2/3rds of the way under your bed. This allows you to step on the rug when you are getting out of bed. 

- Don't hide unique patterned parts of your rug under big, bulky furniture & accessories.

- Do mix patterns of different proportions. Eg. If your curtains have a print you can still introduce an area rug with a pattern you just need to choose a rug that has a pattern with a different scale than what's already in the space.

- Don't be afraid to consider a custom option for your rug if you are unable to find one that is the right size for your room. Carpet tiles are another affordable option to consider.

- Do select your furniture seating before your rug. You usually keep furniture pieces longer than an area rug.

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