Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Open Shelving...

We're seeing more
more kitchens 
with open shelving.

They can be 
with any kitchen design.

This is a very modern
 open concept kitchen (shown above) 
the open shelves
 allow for some visual interest. 
You can display items you love for everyone to see.

There are a 
couple ways 
to create open shelving. 

You can install 
floating shelves 
instead of upper cabinets
 or simply remove the doors
 off of your 
existing cabinets.

Tips for creating a stunning look with open shelving:

- Have a variety of objects mixed together such as curved with straight pieces, small with large and stacked bowls with individual pieces. 

- Put the things you use everyday on the lower shelves.

- Only display items you really love.

- Mix in decorative pieces like baskets, vases & frames.

- Depending on your personal style you can stay quite neutral with the pieces you put on the shelves or if your someone who enjoys a lot of color don't be afraid to go that way in your design.

If you keep things
 quite neutral
 it is always fun 
to tile the backsplash 
in a stunning natural stone mosaic
glass tile like is shown in the picture above.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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