Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Punch of Color...

I paint my front door

black front door 
can be both elegant 

works well with all other
 color palettes. 

 only thing to keep in mind
 is if you don't have contrasting colors
 to act as a backdrop, 
black may make your entry
 feel dark which isn't what 
you want for your
 curb appeal. 

the picture shown above
 the black door
 is definitely dramatic but is offset nicely
 with the white trim

great tips to keep in mind 
when decorating your 
front step or porch:

- your garage door doesn't need to be painted to match your front door but they should blend.

- choose a larger light fixture for your front door area.

- add a mailbox for decoration.

- choose house numbers in a contrasting color.

- make your home seem larger by adding flower pots in the same or similar color as your front door.

- select door hardware that you love. There are many styles & finishes to choose from such as gold, bronze, nickel, chrome & black.

- paint is easy to change so don't worry about making a mistake with the color, you can always change it.

photos courtesy of pinterest

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